Pornofolk IV


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released August 8, 2011

Cum gave instructions, wrote lyrics, and sang
Dump followed instructions, played acoustic guitar, and utilized GarageBand MIDI



all rights reserved



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Track Name: Personal Issues I Go Through On A Daily Basis
I'm seventeen and I still have problems tying my shoes
I try to use Google and still it still comes in knots
Speaking of coming
I shot my semen on my favorite shirt
What a waste of fabric and animal skin

I tried to learn how to drive
And I hit a fucking cow
The cow guts smeared up and down the windshield
And it made a loud moo before it was dead
The cow had its dead ass in my face
That's why I'm scared of driving
Track Name: Song For The Ladies With A Good Looking Husband
Chop chop I chop my cock right off
My balls itch and I castrate myself
Hairy chubby ginger men are my style
I would let one fuck my bottom
With their tiny speck-sized cock
And marble sized balls

When a fat guy puts his blubber over my face
I can play hide and go seek in his ass
The cheeks are so big I wonder how he sits on a toilet
With an ass that big wouldn't the toilet break

The bitch is complaining about my music
Telling me it's just a bunch of fucking noise
I tell her that's what it's called
And she can shut the fuck up
And bop on my black cock
Track Name: Dark Horse Is My Favorite Album
I like furniture and microwaves
I like talking about silverware
And watching the HGTV all day
Spend my time buying chairs and shit
Fuck yeah look at that fucking tree
It's really fucking tree like

After buying a new sofa
And sitting on it
I'll eat some activia
And balance it out with some fruits
There is nothing more that I can do
Other than say that I love you
Everytime we touch and stuff
I get really happy and buy more clocks

Today I spent four hundred dollars
On ten antique golden plates
I'll never actually use them
But they'll be cool to stare at when I'm bored
I want to paint my walls different colors
And tear out the carpet
Maybe replace it with wood or steel
I'll put that on the grocery list

Slip my dick in a blender
And puke in your ass
Mix your semen with my shit
And I fucking drink it
Like it's fucking vodka
And I'm a fucking alcoholic
Slip my tits in your eyes
And rip your throat apart
Eat your corpse
Fuck your corpse
Fondle your organs
And masturbate violently
To Pokemon evolving
Track Name: I'm Not Gay, I'm A Fucking Table
Times are hard and I'm hard
If only we could pull through
With the strength of love
And dubstep can save lives
With dirty wubs and drops
We need each other holding hands
Our arms are wide open
Accepting any sexual gratification

Stay with me and I will
Shave your pubic hair
Hold my hand and I must
Swallow your semen load
I love your toilet seat
And Alzheimer's disease
Baby you mean everything to me