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released September 6, 2011

Cum: Concept/lyrics, vocals
Dump: Guitar, bass, drums, clapping



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Track Name: Smiley Face
You are the moment and the melody
Of the music and the remedy
To my upset stomach filled with butterflies
Always at the right time you kiss me on the spotlight
And it makes me feel so warm and works my bladder

I always use protection and come prepared
When I want to get it all in your hair
You are my everything and you are my dahkma
Piling corpses on the top of a tower
Just because I feel smiley face for you

When I paint pictures you're on my mind
And I paint your face because it's nice
You're a fabrication of my insanity
My paranoid Schizoid diabetic asthma rabies

Jeffrey you're my man and I wish you good health
I'll pray for you in the court room
As you face charges for necrophilia
You are my baby, my sick twisted fetus
I plunge you out my stomach
And bash out your fucking brains
Track Name: Vacuum My Carpet
Under the pink clouds I see you naked
Above the horizon your body shines
I can taste your beauty on my lips

The river knows everything and
I think it's time we swim
I pull my trousers off and jump in the ocean
We're cold so we hold each other to keep warm
And I put a finger inside of your ass
Wiggle it around to loosen you up
Then I use my small baby sized dick
And place it in your shitter
Now isn't that sunrise just nice
I want to live this moment forever

I want to live this moment forever
Track Name: I Find You There
You could be my woman and I could be your man
I can tell you everything I know you know I can
When I met you at my house
You were wearing a ski mask
And I could tell you were meant just for me

And I find you there all alone
And I know you need me
When you are so tired and weak
I will be here to set you free

This is where all good things go
Underneath the heaping rainbow
And I can keep a secret if you can keep mine

This is where all good things go
Underneath the heaping rainbow
And I can keep a secret if you can keep mine
Herman Cain needs to fucking die
Track Name: My Heart Beats At The Same Tempo As Yours
This is the best day of my life
You make me feel so happy
And I don't feel sad at all
I bought you some flowers
Made us pancakes in the morning
Milky with butter and cinnamon

I feel like living this moment
Every single day of my life
Forever in sickness in health
I'll always be with you

When the sky is decaying
You will be my light
Under the dead horizon